About Hazel 

Hazel has a City and Guilds in photography and has studied with the London school of Journalism gaining a distinction in feature and travel writing.

On her first overseas holiday to Kos, Greece she was left speechless and wanting to see everywhere. A few trips later she ended up in Western Australia for 17 years. Her most unforgettable memory of her time there was when she was asked to travel around the Pilbara for 3 weeks photographing life and interviewing staff members for the organisation Frontier Services.

Hazel's images have been archived within the West Australian Library, used by News Limited and printed in numerous magazines including Australian Vogue. She also supplies to iStock (Getty Images). 

Now back in the UK and settled in the south -  Travelling, taking pictures and writing. 

Her loves include her two sons, 4 stepchildren and her better half Mr Holloway.  She loves gardening, walking, trying to bake, and watching new and old Doctor Who episodes with Mr H – usually with a glass of wine in hand.

Skinny Lands short film 2012 – Manticore Creative

One Night Only short film 2011 – Archangel Pictures

Strange Clouds short film 2011 – Archangel Pictures

Eliza short film 2011 – 7thContinent Productions

FotoFreo Fringe 2012

Style aide 2011 – invited.


Local Super Sister IGA Joondalup, Perth, 2010 

Swings and Roundabouts Winery Margaret River, 2008 

Plaza Gallery, Northbridge, Perth, 2008. 

The Contemporary Australian Family Photographic project with the Feir Institute the Brisbane Power house and travelled  around Australia.

Blender Gallery, Joondalup, Perth 2008 

Blender Gallery, Joondalup, Perth 2012

Completed Magnum photo agency workshop under the mentorship of Chien Chi Chang, Fremantle, WA.


+44 7900206755
London, UK